About us


The Municipal School of Arts and Crafts was inaugurated on November 2, 1886 in order to deliver the same teachings as the Lonja School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and, thus, become the second school in Catalonia of these characteristics and, taking into account the terrasenca textile idiosyncratic, in the standard of the later calls. Industrial Schools Its main purpose had to be to prepare theorists for local textile companies and operators in the craft professions.

In 1981, when it was classified as a recognized unofficial center not attached to the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and in order to formalize the enrollment and the exam for finishing the degree, the name was updated: Municipal School of Applied Arts.

Then, after the implementation of the Formative Cycles of Plastic Arts and Design (LOGSE), the Schools of Applied Arts become Art Schools. As a consequence, and to seek more integration in the city, the name update will be TERRASSA. Municipal School of Art.


Two major areas coexist in school:

Artistic Studies
Own courses where you can explore your artistic concerns in annual programs or in specific monographic courses and workshops.
Open access, without academic requirements and in the afternoon.

Design Studies
Official and subsidized courses of Higher Degree Formative Cycles of Plastic Arts and Design, and initiation and specialization courses of the school.

These studies are complemented by a program of cultural and training activities. Exhibitions, conferences, projections, dance, music and theater will stimulate reflection on new languages ​​in art and design.


Ajuntament de Terrassa
Board of Education: Teresa Ciurana i Satlari

Director: Ramon Alemany i Güell
Administrator and Academic Secretary: Rubén Páez i González
Head of Studies: Eduard Villaronga i Garrit